Safety Information

The M22-IPL system is indicated for the treatment of evaporative dry eye disease (DED) due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

M22-IPL is contraindicated in patients with active infections, dysplatic nevi, cancerous/pre-cancerous lesions, or tattoos in the treatment area (non-inclusive list). IPL can cause epidermal injury, including  redness, swelling, scarring, change of pigmentation, blisters, break in skin integrity, and sloughing.  Risk of epidermal injury increases with greater fluence, shorter delays, shorter pulse durations, darker skin pigmentation, thin skin, and exposure to the sun within one month following treatment. Special care must be taken when treating in the peri-ocular area and close to the eyelids. At all times during IPL treatment, eyes must be protected with fully occlusive eye shields. Failure to occlude the eyes during IPL treatment may lead to ocular complications such as iritis, iris atrophy, trans-illumination defects, pupillary defects and anterior uveitis. These complications may result in permanent damage to vision, photophobia, and pain.

Appropriate care must be taken to ensure safe and proper use of the IPL system.  Refer to the operator manual for a complete list of intended use, contraindications and risks.